Bases for the International Zendal Awards


Zendal’s mission is to improve the conditions of life through the research and development of medicines and vaccines focused on the prevention of illnesses, as much in humans as in animals.

Zendal Group identifies itself with the principles of One Health and works towards contributing to a healthier planet through biotechnology research, the driving force of sustainability.

The International Zendal Awards objective is to spread, promote and reward knowledge and research in the field of biotechnology worldwide.

Purpose of the prize

The International Zendal Awards aims to recognize the work of those institutions, public or private, that perform their activities in animal or human health , and that have shown merit and commitment in carrying out these principles, within the areas related to vaccines, prevention, biotechnology and the concept of One Health.

Evaluation criteria

The judging panel will take into account the Scientific-Technical quality of the projects that are presented, as well as their viablility.

Special consideration will be given to those nominations that have carried out relevant contributions in:

  • Biotechnology research
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Innovation/Social transformation
  • Health


Awards will be presented to a public or private institution (company, university, research group, startup, NGO…) that develops its work in the field of health and biotechnology.

The Awards consist of:

  • 5,000 euros, that should be re-invested in the winning projects
  • An accredited Diploma

Application for the Zendal Awards

  • Candidates can apply online here.
  • The official form can be accompanied by other necessary documents and material, with the object of accrediting the merits of the proposed candidature.
  • Any institution, group or individual can put forward or propose candidatures, as long as they are accompanied by the corresponding authorisation from the candidate.
  • The candidates can also send supporting and collaborative material that they think appropriate to be included in their own form.
  • Candidatures herein presented imply acceptance of the bases.

Judging Panel

  • The jury is formed by an International Scientific Committee made up of prominent figures from the area of biotechnology and health, as well as the CEO and Secretary of Zendal Group.
  • On the closing date the judging panel will be provided with all the documentation belonging to the candidatures which have been presented.
  • Jury members are responsible for assessing the suitability of the candidatures.
  • The award will be given to only one candidature by majority vote.
  • The jury will act at all times with rigour, independence and fairness.
  • The jury’s decision is final.


  • The deadline for the presentation of candidatures is on Thursday the 10th of October at 23:59 hours of Spanish time.
  • On the 17th of October the final deliberations will be held and from this the prizewinning candidature will be announced.
  • The judging panel’s decision will be formally announced on Friday the 18th of October and transmitted to the winning candidate by telephone.

Awards ceremony

  • The award ceremony will be held in Vigo on the 27th of November 2019.
  • In this ceremony there will also be a tribute to a scientist who has contributed, through their own work and merits in their field, to the development of vaccines, prevention, biotechnology and One Health, either in human or animal welfare.
  • The winners commit themselves to participate in the activities organised around the event (private functions, press conferences, interviews etc.) and to attend the prizegiving, as well as authorising Zendal Group to broadcast all the information corresponding to these awards.