Cookies policy

A cookie is a small data file that lodges in a computer when visiting a website with a browser or mobile device, and allows you to store or recover certain information about sites visited, or recognising them to ease access to certain services.

Some are technically essential. Like the ones used when purchasing or accessing your e-mail without having to key in your user name and password at every step. These are known as technical cookies, and are only used when connected to the web. If they are disactivated, it’s possible that you may not be able to connect correctly to all the contents and services in the website, or that browsing the web will be more problematic where identification is necessary to enter in some areas.

Others are called ‘Analytic cookies’, that allow compilation of browsing statistics, and give an insight of user interests in order to offer a more personalised service. Deactivating these cookies does not affect the performance of the site, but you may not receive commercial or advertising contents of special interesting to you.

Which cookies are used in



  • PHPSESSID: essential session cookie, used to configure variables in temporary and automatic sessions, built into the programming used in the website. It is also used to recognise if accessed to a private site to gain personal information, to an administrative area, or to enter for purchasing or services that need the user‘s authorisation.
  • cc_cookie_accept, cc_cookie_decline: persistent cookies which enable us to remember if the user authorises or doesn’t authorise the use of cookies in the website.


In this webpage we DO NOT use our own cookies of an analytical nature.

Third parties


  • __utma, __utmb, __utmc, y __utmz: Of a persistent nature and owned by Google. These are cookies from Google Analytics, that allow us to know how many visits we have, how they found their way to CZ Veterinaria, S.A., if they use a mobile phone or a compter, the source of the information line, distinguish new visits and repeat visits, etc.. If desired, there are tools available for your browser so that Google Analytics cannot gather your data:
  • This website DOES NOT USE any type of analytic cookie with publicity and commercial purposes.

If any publicity or advertising is shown in the webpage, is fixed, rotating, or random, all visitors are subject to the same criteria irrespective of their identification or personal browsing.

In no way will personal data be gathered nor, of course, given to third parties.

How may I deactivate or configure my browser’s cookies?

Remember that if they are deactivated, your browsing in many sites could be hampered, in such things as, managing contents, checking e-mails or purchasing online.

This process is different according to the browser programme that is used in your computer or mobile device, but most of them are equipped with tools that allow you to configure to automatically eliminate the cookies on closing the application, or deactivate them permanently. Thus, for greater convenience, we provide you below some links that enable you to know how to configure the most widely used browsers:

  • Explorer –
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