CZ Vaccines launches new conjunctival vaccine againts brucellosis in cattle

October 11th, CZ VACCINES added a new vaccine to their range of brucellosis vaccines with the launch of a new conjunctival vaccine known as B19 CZV Ocular.

This new vaccine by ocular route provides active immunisation of bovine brucelosis caused by B. abortus.

The great advantage of this new vaccine is that the interference with the standard diagnostic tests is highly reduced since the serological response is of lower intensity and a shorter duration when administered by conjunctival route.

The new brucelar vaccine is suitable in bovine brucellosis control and eradication programs.

Speaking about the new vaccine, DVM J.M. Blasco, world expert in brucelosis animal said:

B19 CZV Ocular is a vaccine that’s very easy to administer, that doesn’t have any notable difference in respect to conventional subcutaneaous method and that also gives several clear advantages to the veterinary services that use it, whether it’s the case of being administered in a programme that combines vaccination and eradication or if used exclusively in a programme of control based on large scale vaccination of all the susceptible animals.

The vaccine pack contains a solvent, a powder which will need to be mixed and the conjunctival dropper, along with detailed instructions on how to administer the product.

Brucellosis is a contagious disease caused by various bacteria of the family Brucella, with great importance for public health by the transmission to human and for having significant economic and health consequences.