One Health

We support prevention within the One Health “Una Sola Salud” concept – a global strategy that upholds the idea that human and animal healthcare are mutually dependant and are linked to the ecosystems they both share.(OIE)

In Zendal we work towards this collaborative, multisectoral and cross-disciplinary concept to understand the risks faced by human healthcare and animal healthcare, with regard to domestic or wild animals, and the ecosystems. We believe that prevention of illnesses takes us closer to the sustainability of the planet. We are convinced that the companies working in the field of healthcare have an essential role to play, at present and in the future, for mankind, animals and the environment.

At the beginning of the 1st decade of the 21st century the concept of One Health was presented. It intends to tackle the risks to public health (exacerbated by globalisation and climate change), setting up strategies and mechanisms for international co-operation.

Preventing characteristic diseases in the veterinary sector has direct consequences on the food quality for people, whose health, at the same time, depends on their environment. The interconnection between the animal, human and environmental world is, in other words, a logic that should be addressed in a comprehensive manner. We only have one world and and one unique health: that of the whole planet.

That is why, Zendal Group works towards developing a healthier planet by means of research, manufacturing and marketing of biotechnological products and vaccines, because biotechnology is and must be the driving force of sustainability.

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