The Zendal Group announces the first edition of the International Zendal Awards

The awards are created with the aim of disseminating, promoting and rewarding knowledge and research in the field of biotechnology and health worldwide

A Spanish vaccine in the run against tuberculosis

News published in ABC (11/6/19)

The human division of Zendal launches a new company, Zinereo Pharma, focussed on probiotic manufacturing

Biofabri splits up, giving way to two business areas specialised in human healthcare: Biofabri, committed to the development and manufacturing of vaccines, and Zinereo Pharma, focussed on…

The brand Zendal is created to integrate all the companies in the Spanish biotechnology group consisting of CZ Veterinaria and Biofabri

The biotechnology companies in the area of veterinary and human healthcare and prevention, namely CZ Veterinaria, Biofabri, Bialactis, Probisearch, Vetia and Petia included in a new umbrella brand.