The brand Zendal is created to integrate all the companies in the Spanish biotechnology group consisting of CZ Veterinaria and Biofabri

  • The biotechnology companies in the area of veterinary and human healthcare and prevention, namely CZ Veterinaria, Biofabri, Bialactis, Probisearch, Vetia and Petia included in a new umbrella brand.
  • CZ Veterinaria, the parent company and leader in in the supply of vaccines against bluetongue virus in Europe, became CZ Vaccines on the 25th anniversary of its establishment.
  • Zendal Group’s name pays homage to the first nurse in history who took part in an international healthcare expedition, the Galician Isabel Zendal, whose philanthropic journey started out from Galicia on the 30th of November 1803, 215 years ago.
  • Through a clear commitment to biotechnology, the company has a commercial impact in more than 65 countries and can count on an annual turnover that in 2017 was over 40 million euros.
  • The human healthcare division of the company is developing a promising vaccine against tuberculosis in humans, it is currently in phase 2a of clinical testing.

Vigo, the 29th of November 2018. The business group made up of CZ Veterinaria, Biofabri, Vetia Animal Health, Petia, Probisearch and Bialactis, which is focussed on biotechnology and pharmacy for human and animal healthcare, celebrates its 25th anniversary by launching an umbrella brand that adopts the surname of the Galician nurse Isabel Zendal, considered by the WHO as the first one to take part in an international healthcare mission.

With 25 years behind it, the Group has continually expanded by becoming more international, investing in R&D, a growing manufacturing capacity and the international recognition as a producer of biotechnology products, which makes it into one of the European leaders for manufacturing vaccines and specialised biotechnologicals. However, it was from 2016 onwards that it most expanded with the incorporation of four of the six companies who make up the group nowadays.

In 2017 the company had a turnover of more than 40 million euros and is now finalising a new strategic plan for the coming years with the aim of making it an international reference in human and animal biotechnology.

The new umbrella brand is inspired by the woman Isabel Zendal, acknowledged by the WHO as the first nurse to take part in an international humanitarian mission on board the Balmis expedition that set out from Galicia on the 30th of November 1803, just about 215 years ago. This voyage took the vaccine against the deadly smallpox virus to the Americas, China and the Phillipines.

European leader in vaccines to combat the bluetongue virus

Considered as one of the three main European suppliers of bluetongue virus vaccines – the viral illness that affects ruminants- the parent company of Zendal Group, CZ Vaccines, is the only laboratory with a presence in practically all the countries which vaccinate against this illness. In the last ten years it has supplied 300 million doses of the vaccine, whose market name is Bluevac, to governments and pharmaceutical laboratories through cooperation agreements.

Leader in mycobacteria and clostridial vaccines

The Group is also the world leader in the manufacturing of mycobacteria – a type of microorganism causing multiple infections both in humans and in animals – with an annual manufacturing capacity of 150 million doses of tuberculin for the diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis illnesses, which makes it into the world leader in this area. Furthermore, it is the European number one for manufacturing clostridial vaccines for ruminants.

Promising vaccine against human tuberculosis

Biofabri human division is developing a new vaccine, MTBVAC, – the first and only live attenuated vaccine to combat tuberculosis, obtained from a strain of genetically modified M. Tuberculosis, isolated from a patient with tuberculosis. The strain used to make this vaccine comes from a human pathogen and , as such, has a much wider range of antigens against tuberculosis than the BCG, the only available vaccine at the moment, over 100 years old. The new vaccine is currently in stage 2a of clinical testing.

“We are creating a new framework of brands that will allow us to segment, be coherent and renew our image” , Pedro Fernández Puentes revealed, as President of the Group that is commited to researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing vaccines and other specialised biotechnology products for human and animal healthcare.

The new brand of the Group arises after the change in the parent company brand, until now CZ Vaterinaria, that has changed its name to CZ Vaccines. Its Managing Director, Andrés Fernández Álvarez-Santullano, points out that the entity, with a commercial presence in more than 65 countries, will respond to the “ new challenges in prevention that society currently faces”, and thus renamed its parent company on the 25th anniversary of its establishment. “ After 25 years we are much larger and our scope of action is bigger, we have a wider global perspective and we want a brand that reflects this growth. A brand, CZ Vaccines, that does justice to our essence, biotechnology and, ultimately, to prevention through vaccines”, he explained.