The human division of Zendal launches a new company, Zinereo Pharma, focussed on probiotic manufacturing

  • Biofabri splits up, giving way to two business areas specialised in human healthcare: Biofabri, committed to the development and manufacturing of vaccines, and Zinereo Pharma, focussed on probiotics and pharmaceutical medicines.

Vigo, the 16th of January 2019. Since the 1st of January the business group Zendal divided up its subsidiary Biofabri, which is dedicated to human healthcare, into two lines of business with a greater element of specialisation while maintaining its original workforce.

Within the framework of a year full of changes in its brands, and 2018 coinciding with the 25th anniversary of its establishment, the business group focussed on biotechnology and pharmacy for healthcare announced a new shift by setting up Zinereo Pharma as a new independent entity, thus creating two differing business units.

Biofabri has aimed at developing and manufacturing human vaccines since its creation in 2008, when they started out on the project of a vaccine against tuberculosis (MTBVAC), now in the clinical testing phase. Besides, the company is committed to developing and manufacturing other biotechnology products under contract to third parties.

The new company Zinereo Pharma is committed to developing and manufacturing probiotics under the highest pharmaceutical standards, as well as contract manufacturing and supplying of pharmaceutical medicines.

Continually expanding

In 2016, Zendal invested in a pharmaceutical quality line of probiotics due to the wide experience of the group in industrial manufacturing of microorganisms, and for this purpose acquired Probisearch and Bialactis, two companies specialised in probiotics.

With the addition of this new brand, there are now three business units focussed on developing, manufacturing and marketing probiotics for human healthcare within the Galician business group Zendal, which consists of seven independent brands committed to human and animal healthcare: CZ Vaccines (formerly CZ Veterinaria), Biofabri, Zinereo Pharma, Vetia Animal healthcare, Petia, Probisearch and Bialactis.