So far we have achieved 25 years of success, with breakthroughs which reflect our experience and values.









Zendal, the corporate brand of our group, draws together seven companies focused on research, development, manufacture and marketing of high added value products in the health sector.

Development, manufacture and marketing of biological products and vaccines for animal health. CZ Vaccines is one of the main biotechnology companies in the EU.

Biofabri is dedicated to the development and manufacture of human vaccines and other biotech services for CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organizations).

Petia is focused on the pet sector, offering new products and services to vets and professionals in animal health.

Vetia is a veterinary laboratory devoted to the distribution of vaccines and veterinary pharmacological products to Spain and Portugal.

Probisearch is a spin-off from the Complutense University of Madrid, dedicated to the identification and selection of bacterial stock for probiotics and clinical studies.

Zinereo Pharma is dedicated to the development and manufacture of probiotics under the highest pharmaceutical standards, as well as to the manufacture and distribution under contract of pharmaceuticals for third parties.

We are constantly seeking to improve living conditions through the research and development of medicines and vaccines focused on the prevention of illnesses both in humans and animals.

CZ Vaccines is the parent company of Zendal Group. Founded in 1993 as CZ Veterinaria, focuses its efforts on the prevention of illnesses through biotech products and vaccines.

Zendal is made up of seven brands commited to research, development, manufacturing and marketing of biological products, pharmacological, nutritional, probiotics and above all, vaccines, which constitute our core business.

Thanks to her determination, bravery and love for humanity, her name, Zendal, is in the health history records.