Zendal Groups biopharmaceutical facilities received today a visit by the Science and Innovation Minister, Pedro Duque

  • The visit comes after the recent grant given to two of the group’s companies, Biofabri and CZ Vaccines, from the CDTI subsidy for vaccine projects against COVID-19.
  • The contribution for both projects amounts to 986,227 euros, and is confined to the first resolution of the Science and Innovation Ministry of the extraordinary COVID-19 fund managed by the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI).
  • Zendal is a leading European biopharmaceutical group dedicated to developing and manufacturing human and animal vaccines, with a strong commitment to putting their capabilities at the service of society..

Porriño, 1st of July 2020. Last Wednesday the Science and Innovation Minister, Pedro Duque, visited the production plants and R&D laboratory of CZ Vaccines and Biofabri of the Zendal biopharmaceutical group, which are based in O Porriño, Pontevedra. The Minister of Science was given a tour of the biological production plants manufacturing vaccines for human healthcare destined for clinical testing of different viruses and bacteria, more recently, Covid-19. Likewise, Duque could see at first hand the main areas of the projects currently being worked on by the biopharmaceutical group whose aim at this moment is to create useful and necessary vaccines for society.

CZ Vaccines will be responsible for manufacturing clinical batches of the MVA-COVID-19(S) vaccine developed by the Poxvirus group and CNB-CSIC vaccines led by Dr. Mariano Esteban’s team. The production of clinical batches must comply with Bio-safety requirements and the norms for European good manufacturing practices (GMPs).

The project tendered to Biofabri is for a DNA vaccine to combat coronavirus SASRS-Cov-2 under the charge of Dr. Vicente Larraga’s team, and Biofabri is responsible for production of the batches for clinical testing under the GMP’s conditions.