Zendal Research Awards 2020 announced. In this edition the award money is increased

  • These awards have the aim to spread, promote and recognise research and innovation in the area of biotechnology worldwide.
  • EIn this edition, an exceptional year for science due to the COVID crisis, the company introduce various important changes, increasing both the number of categories and the prize money.
  • Two categories are established, one for best human healthcare project and another for best animal healthcare project, with a total award money budget of 30,000 euros.
  • The bases also include a special mention award for an innovative proposal in the fight against coronavirus and a tribute to a professional’s track record in the area of biotechnology.

Porriño, 29nth of July 2020. Zendal have opened the 2nd edition of the International Zendal Awards to the candidate nominations for these awards that, since their outset last year, have a clear international vocation. This edition has a special meaning for the company, due to the importance of biotechnological research in the combat against the COVID pandemic.

For this reason, and with the challenge of gathering together an important amount of candidates and innovative projects, “with an even larger dimension than the previous edition, where the quality was already very high”, the company has decided to make an important effort to offer relevant new developments.

The first of these changes refers to the award money, that has multiplied by six compared to the last edition, when these awards were created, increasing from a budget of 5,000 euros in 2019 to 30,000 euros in the present one.

The second big change, the awards fall into two categories (last year there was one), human healthcare and animal healthcare, with 15,000 euros destined for each award winning project. To these is added a special mention for an interesting COVID project and a tribute to a professional’s track record. “ We consider that both mentions are especially relevant in such an edition as this, where the effort of many professional scientists will undoubtedly help overcome the health crisis that we are currently experiencing. And for this purpose, Zendal “ wants to contribute to this development”.

The awards are targeted at both public and private institutions that develop their activities in the area of animal as well as human healthcare, and that have shown distinction and commitment in the field of vaccines, prevention, biotechnology and the concept of One Health, whether in the human or animal healthcare area.

The Awards, of 15,000 euros in each of the two categories, should be reinvested in the award winning project, in order to continue advancement in activities that improve healthcare in the population. As for the special mention and the tribute to a professional’s track record, an insignia and an accrediting diploma will be awarded in each case.

The interested institutions have until the 16th of October to submit their projects through the webpage: www.zendal.com, after which those will be studied by the judging panel made up of distinguished personalities in the field of biotechnology and healthcare and two representatives from Zendal Group.

To select the award winners, the initiative’s scientific-technical quality will be valued, as well as its feasibility and applicability. Special attention will be paid to candidates that have carried out relevant contributions in biotechnology research, knowledge transfer and social and healthcare innovation.